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Where a brand new media and press focus introduces a new digital character, Claire, who you'll get to speak to in interviews to shape the personality and perception of your driver. It sounds pretty cool, and plays into a new focus on adding detail to the stuff that doesn't involve the racetrack.

"The media are going to play a huge part in the player’s career," commented F1 2018’s Game Director, Lee Mather. "It's super important for a driver to not just be skilled on track. It's all about being the complete package. The player is going to need to consider how their answers impact the morale of their team and also how other teams in the paddock perceive them."

Also coming is the ability to set your own rival driver for a season alongside a deeper and more rewarding contract system that plays into changing teams and sponsors. Lee continued, "Certain teams may like to see a driver who is a great sportsman: demure and calm in front of the press, even under high-pressure situations, while others may want a driver who is more of a showman who can create buzz."

F1 2018 launches August 24 for PC and console.

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