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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:36pm 06/07/18 | 1 Comments
Now this is more like it, a full gameplay demo for EA and BioWare's Anthem. And really, this should have been the focus at EA's press conference at E3. As direct feed, in 4K, visually what we see looks incredible - with great vertical movement thanks to the jet packs and environment detail.

Plus, our best look yet at how the game plays.

From an action-RPG perspective we get to see the UI, map, and mission selection screen. Plus, moving through the main world to get to a Stronghold - which seems to be Anthem's equivalent of an instanced level or dungeon. Throughout the demo we see enemies drop loot of various colour including purple epic items and other weapons. The action and abilities of the various Javelins are also given a good workout and it all looks fairly polished and smooth. As per previous reports, EA's Anthem pre-release footage is being captured on high-end PCs running NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti hardware.

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Posted 10:13pm 07/7/18
Looks awesome
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