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Calling it the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, which retails for $69.95 AUD. Fans of the classic optical mouse will recall a time somewhere in the late '90s where the red under-glow of the Microsoft IntelliMouse was the input device of choice for a number of reasons. Performance, ergonomics, and a sturdy quality build.

The Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 from 2003 was the most recent version of the mouse and is pictured below.

"It had incredible ergonomics with its light weight, sculpted finger rests and elastomer skirt for amazing comfort and rapid movement and repositioning," recalls Simon Dearsley, Devices Design Director at Microsof. "The sensor really set the standard at the time for precision and accuracy. This all made the IntelliMouse 3.0 a huge hit with gamers and creative professionals alike."

Which brings us to 2018's Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, a new version of the classic mouse that replaces the red light for white and improves a number of features - while retaining the same classic shape.

"The timing of the release of the Classic IntelliMouse is really interesting," adds Simon Dersley. "We’ve reached a point where tracking and switch technology and price has matured immensely. We saw this as an opportunity to improve on an icon by updating it with modern technology. We know how important the IntelliMouse range has been and wanted to take a moment to reflect on the history of it and do something special for our fans."


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Posted 04:46pm 03/7/18
When my last intellimouse died a number of years ago i bought about 5 knock offs from ebay and mix and matched parts to try and get that old feeling back but sadly i never could. Try as i might it took quite a while to find a mouse that could live up to the intellimouse and i finally settled on the razer deathadder. Fast forward about 5 deathadders and i'm now rocking a wireless G703 which is f*****g amazing even for fps games, wireless mice have come a long way.

All that said i still think ill pick up 1 or 2 of these bad boys to see how they stack up with my rose tinted memories.
Posted 01:04pm 04/7/18
Yeah my first laser also, you never forget your first haha.
Posted 11:15pm 04/7/18
indeed... what a mouse
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