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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:07pm 02/07/18 | 3 Comments
With the recent release of Fortnite for the Switch and the Minecraft's 'Better Together' update, Sony's insistence to keep PlayStation 4 players away from the scourge of Xbox and Switch users has been making headlines. Adding fuel to the fire comes the revelation from Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard that Fallout 76 cross-play would be there but isn't possible - due to Sony.

Speaking with German website, Howard notes that cross-play between Fallout 76 console players is something the team would love to implement, but simply can't because "Sony isn't being as helpful as we want them to be." Which ties into what we've seen with other titles. In the case of Rocket League, developer Psyonix noted that adding the support is a matter of flicking a switch. Going back to Fortnite, there was also the strange case where PS4 and Xbox One cross-play existed for a brief moment due to a "server error" on Epic's part - which might have been a ploy by the studio just to show how easy and seamless it was to implement.

In relation to Fallout 76 we hope that we get to see PC and Xbox One cross-play at launch, or PS4 and PC. Which, is frustrating in how it confuses things. Sony being okay with PC and mobile cross-play but not other consoles.

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Posted 05:57pm 02/7/18
$ony do not deserve the PS4 / PC cross play - that should be left to the companies actively supporting cross play across all platforms...
Posted 06:06pm 02/7/18
playing games with friends on the same platform should be a priority, but cross play should be coming up after any / all the bugs are ironed out. It only brings about a larger community and thus more sales for the game in the end. get on it Sony!
Posted 06:40pm 02/7/18
I think this is partly tit-for-tat because Sony wanted Cross platform play in the xbox360-PS3 era but Microsoft did not. It would be nice to have but I think Sony has it's head stuck up it's own arse.
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