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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:04pm 29/06/18 | 1 Comments
This week Bethesda has been releasing all the footage showcased from the E3 debut of Fallout 76 in a series of gameplay videos covering the new West Virginian location, an introduction to the new multiplayer focus, the new settlements as pick up and go camps (or, Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform (C.A.M.P.), and even the ability to co-ordinate and launch map-altering nukes.

Fallout 76 – Welcome to West Virginia

Fallout 76 – Introduction to Multiplayer

Fallout 76 – An Intro to C.A.M.P.

Fallout 76 – Intro to Nukes

Which covers all the info we got at E3, but still leaving a lot of Fallout 76 a mystery. Exactly how the progressions system will work in multiplayer, in addition to the supposed regions that will act as level-based zones. Either way we're excited to see more, and even though Bethesda Games Studio chief Todd Howard has repeated a few times now that Fallout-style quests and exploration will be included - we're keen to see a few examples.

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Posted 11:21am 30/6/18
I was a fallout fan until I heard this will be online only and others can screw up your game. SCREW THAT!
I like to take my time and do things my way. As others can mess with you and your game thats the worst thing they could do to this one great franchise.
Forcing games online SUCKS. They did it with Hitman and that sucks bigtime. I remember playing a game, doing lots of things for about 2 hours and all of a sudden lost connection to their servers and lost all that work I did. 2 hours of gameplay wasted because their servers were unstable. ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR FORCED ONLINE FOR AN OFFLINE SINGLEPLAYER GAME!!!
Fallout has always been a singleplayer game. If this next one could still be 100% offline and singleplayer then I will think of getting it but I've heard is 100% online and forced multiplayer so I wont get it. Its going to be ruined by a******* messing with your game.
Don't the devs get a hint by other games and how gamers play online? Remember The Division when they had a huge problem when a******* would stand in doorways blocking your progress. THATS whats wrong with forced multiplayer games, there will always be a******* standing in doorways blocking your progress or killing you just before you finish your mission forcing you to start all over again. Screw that. No thinks. You lost be completely with this forced multiplayer crap.
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