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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:33pm 29/06/18 | 3 Comments
Released last year, Wolfensten II: The New Colossus from MachineGames and Bethesda was an action-packed and memorable ride into an alternate 1960's America under Nazi control. A wild cinematic ride that now finds its way to the Nintendo Switch thanks to Panic Button, the studio behind the excellent DOOM port from last year.

Of course with less hardware grunt than a gaming PC or an Xbox One X, Wolfenstein II on Switch won't look as good - but the results look surprisingly decent as per the below trailer.

We'll be going hands-on with the Switch version of one the best games from 2017, so stay tuned for impressions. Outside of the fact that it requires a rather hefty 28GB of storage space to run (and an additional 8GB download for the retail box version which has a RRP of $79.95).

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:41pm 29/6/18
I got it, waited the 2 hours it took to download the compulsory 8gb update and finally loaded it up.
First i couldn't move up or down in the menus so i was forced to power off the console and turn it back on.
Finally it worked, now i can move up and down so went to settings and set it up like i do every game, turn off music and invert look.
Now finally started a new game and the first movie looks really poor like its PS1 generation graphics. Really poor looking for this game.
It does get better when the movie finally finished and gameplay starts, even the in game videos look great but that first cinematic movie look really crap like they put heaps of effort into the game and just dropped the quality of the cinematics to complete crap so they could finish it by the timframe of release.
Gameplay is the same as other consoles and looks and plays good so far, only played about 5 mins but no difference ive seen except for that first movie.
Will play more shortly and hope it looks the same as other console versions.
Posted 11:12am 30/6/18
Ok, after a few hours of gameplay the game plays the same as other consoles both in TV mode and portable mode it plays nicely.
BUT as I said previously the movie quality is crap and it keeps dropping from good to crap. There are a few frame drops in cut scenes and the graphical quality of the movies does drop to really poor.
1 second it looks great with facial hair and graphics like that to crap where the head is just 1 cream color and 2 black circles for eyes.

Gameplay is good, the port is a good one. The controls are fine but I'd prefer to have change weapons on the left button but its stuck on the right button so I keep messing up trying to change weapons but other than that its going fine.
Unsure if its me but the map is empty. I remember on the PS4 I could see all pickup items on the map but here there is nothing. Maybe a pickup or unlock somewhere? I cant remember unlocking anything on PS4 but here is just a blank map.

Load times are ok. About 3 mins from starting the game to when you get to actually play. About the norm for the switch.
Sound is great in TV mode, set it at cinema and it was great surround sound, handheld mode still sounds great. Haven't tried with headphones so unsure but should be good I'm guessing.
Posted 02:22pm 30/6/18
Managed to check this out last night and yes the movie quality is suspect, heavily compressed video files full of artefacts which is a shame considering where video compression is... as for the game itself although the resolution varies it looks surprisingly good even on a tv and yes the sound quality is great
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