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Aka Hammond, aka "Specimen 8", like Winston was genetically modified at Horizon Lunar Colony resulting in both increased size and intelligence. And so, is able to command and fit comfortably inside a large wrecking ball of a tank. The new tank hero is live now on the PTR and as per the name is able to switch between bipedal shooting and giant ball rolling.

Check out the Wrecking Ball origin video below.

As a new tank, Wrecking Ball sounds like a fantastic addition to the Overwatch line-up. The addition of a Grappling Claw should introduce a new type of movement too.

    Quad Cannons: Wrecking Ball fires machine guns
    Adaptive Shield: Grants Wrecking Ball a number of temporary shields based on the number of enemies nearby
    Roll: Wrecking Ball transforms into a sphere with increased speed
    Grappling Claw: While in Roll mode, Wrecking Ball can launch a short grappling hook to attach to surfaces, swing around, clear gaps, and move upwards. Using this ability allows Wrecking Ball to gain momentum , dealing damage and knocking back enemies upon impact
    Piledriver: Wrecking Ball slams down from the air, pulling enemies towards the center of impact and dealing damage
    Minefield (Ultimate): Wrecking Ball litters the ground around him with damage-dealing proximity mines

Of course, as a giant hamster, reaction to the new Overwatch hero has been mixed - with many forgetting the already very strange line-up that includes a giant gorilla, gamer in a mech, and cyborg ninja. For more on Wrecking Ball be sure to watch this video of Game Director Jeff Kaplan introducing Hammond.

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