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With the major addition being player Endorsements which have been designed around rewarding teamwork, sportsmanship, and shot calling. You can even endorse players on the opposing team which is cool. Handing out Endorsements net you bonus XP, and each player will have their own Endorsement ranking.

Here's a summary of the big changes from the new patch.
  • Whenever players finish a match, they can now use Endorsements to recognise their teammates for exceptional teamwork, sportsmanship, or shot calling. Opponents can be endorsed for good sportsmanship as well!
  • Endorsing players will earn you bonus XP, and the more endorsements you rack up from other players, the higher your Endorsement Level will rise, up to 5. Scaling rewards based on this level can be claimed periodically.

    Looking For Group
  • Players can now use the Looking For Group interface to form their own groups with custom parameters. Choose roles, team compositions, desired endorsement levels, and even merge with other groups.

    Career Profiles
  • Career Profiles now have adjustable privacy settings, with your choice of Public, Friend Only, or Private.

    New Damage Category
  • The Offence and Defence hero roles have been merged to form a single Damage category.

    Balance Changes
  • The reality-bending hero Symmetra has undergone one of the biggest overhauls since Overwatch’s release, donning the new Damage role and coming in with a brand new primary attack, secondary attack, two new abilities, and a new ultimate ability.
  • The map Horizon Lunar Colony has received design changes for both game balance and cosmetic purposes, adding more cover to objective points, some flora to the botany sections, and more!

  • As above, the new patch also brings the latest major rework to Symmetra - and for the full patch notes with developer commentary head here. As a major update one of the unforeseen issues has resulted in Capture the Flag being disabled due to a bug that is currently being investigated. As per the post here, Blizzard notes,

    Due to the impact of these issues, we have temporarily disabled Capture the Flag in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One as a precaution while we continue to troubleshoot.

    Hopefully the issue is resolved soon.

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