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As one of the great cinematic thrill rides of the 20th century, and a franchise that is enjoying a resurgence thanks to the success of Jurassic World, we've wanted a proper or detailed sim where you could build your own dinosaur theme park ever since the release of Jurassic Park in 1993.

And now thanks to the team behind the excellent Planet Coaster, we've got just that - with Jurassic World Evolution.

There are moments during the first few hours of Jurassic World Evolution, the new theme-park simulation from Planet Coaster studio Frontier Developments, where it manages to capture the cinematic magic of the original 1993 classic - Jurassic Park. Perhaps it’s the John Williams score that underpins all major milestones, Jeff Goldblum’s narration as Dr. Ian Malcolm, or the simple fact that watching a dinosaur emerge from an incubation lab is every bit as awe inspiring as it sounds.

Then there’s being able to take direct control of a ranger team in a jeep to explore the park, re-stock a dino-feeder or two, or simply take a few snaps of a Corythosaurus taking a drink in some nearby water. Piloting a helicopter is also taught early on, where in addition to dishing out commands you can be in direct control, getting close enough to line up and shoot a few tranquilisers into a free-roaming Ankylosaurus.

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