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In that we now know that World of Warcraft Patch 1.12: Drums of War will serve as the foundation of what is being dubbed WoW Classic. In a new post over at the official site, Blizzard opens up about it's own testing and development in bringing back the authentic launch-window version of the popular MMO.

Turns out that early versions of the WoW client aren't all that stable on modern hardware.

Our initial runs exposed a few (expected) issues: the game sometimes crashed, didn’t recognize our modern video cards, and was incompatible with our current login system. That first pass also couldn’t support any of our modern security and anti-cheating capabilities. Clearly we had a lot of work to do to make WoW Classic live up to the Blizzard standard of quality, and deliver the experience players want.

From there, and this is probably why Blizzard has been relatively quiet on the progress being made comes word that it is looking to integrate all the modern back-end improvements made to WoW over the past decade to deliver a true authentic classic-WoW experience.

While that might seem counterintuitive, this would inherently include classic systems like skill ranks, old quests and terrain, talents, and so on, while later features like Transmog and Achievements would effectively not exist because they were entirely absent from the data. After weeks of R&D, experimentation, and prototyping, we were confident we could deliver the classic WoW content and gameplay without sacrificing the literally millions of hours put in to back-end development over the past 13 years.


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