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And it looks super interesting, and fresh. Destiny fans have been asking for a competitive co-op mode for quite sometime and Gambit is shaping up to fit the bill. Pitting two teams of four against each other in their own arenas, each team battles to collect and bank Motes with the added bonus of disrupting the other team's arena and also being able to portal-in to wreak havoc.

This could turn out to be awesome, or might need some tweaking to get there. Who knows, but Gambit sounds like the sort of mode that will make co-op fire-teams dive into the competitive side of Destiny 2.

Brand New Competitive Mode: Gambit

Two teams of 4 race to summon a Primeval enemy and be the first to burn it down. Disrupt the other team by sending a combatant blocker or invading directly with one of your own players.

Shoot aliens until they’re dead. Your enemies will get stronger over time, so work together to defeat them quickly.

Pick up the Motes that drop when your enemies fall. You can hold up to 15, but you lose them if you die.

Drop your Motes in the centre structure. Earn a Blocker by depositing 5, 10, or 15 Motes at once. Bank 75 Motes to summon a Primeval.

When your bank reaches 25 and 50, you can send one player through a portal to invade the opponents' arena.

Gambit comes as part of the upcoming major expansion Destiny 2: Forsaken which launches September 5 and arrives with an all-new cinematic story, Raid, and locations to explore.

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