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After the winter in Manhattan of The Division proved to be one of the most visually iconic places to explore this generation comes the full reveal for Ubisoft's The Division 2. Set during the summer, in Washington DC, the new setting and seasonal weather sets the scene for what looks to be an improved co-op experience.

For one there looks to be actual NPC factions out in the world. And right from the outset, the jungle (part of a zoo we see below) and warm climate add a new feel to the combat.

Also, nothing like a battle set around a crashed Air Force One to make it stand out over the original. Which we loved, but found the end-game to be lacking until several months after release. No doubt Ubisoft and Massive have learned quite a bit from the success of The Division, which we can see in the gameplay above and the new dynamic weapons. Which includes a very cool foam/glue gun to pin players to the floor.

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