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Total War's return to historical combat comes in the form of a first time visit to ancient China, in a romantic look at warfare heroic generals and a country in turmoil. As E3 is about to kick off today we get our first look at Total War: Three Kingdoms gameplay and, well, it looks incredible.

From the beautiful art direction, unit detail, and setting, to the new interface that leans into the idea of iconic generals leading groups into battle. But, best of all - duels. Where two generals fight one-on-one in a flurry of weapon-based combat and martial artistry.

Its 199 CE, the events of the Three Kingdoms era are well underway. Lü Bu sits in Xiapi, isolated, and the legendary commander Cao Cao sees an opportunity to strike and take Lü Bu down before his strength becomes too great.

The new cavalry animations look great too. Total War: Three Kingdoms will be out 2019.

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