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Free-to-play via Stream Early Access right now. In this take on the popular mode players select one of five traditional fantasy classes as 100 players drop from a massive Zeppelin onto a huge fantasy map filled with goblin villages and mushroom forests. From there players can loot weapons and abilities as the creeping fog sets in.

As per the launch trailer below, it's looking pretty good.

“Realm Royale’s class-based, ability-driven combat brings a new experience to the battle royale genre,” said Rory “Drybear” Newbrough, Realm Royale Executive Producer. “It’s a battle royale that feels like the perfect mixture of an open-world PvP MMO and your favourite hero shooter.”

With that in mind it looks to be more Paladins than SMITE - where it began development as Paladins: Battlegrounds before becoming its own thing. The introduction of classes (Assassin, Warrior, Mage, Engineer and Hunter) adds a specific role element to the four-player squads as they battle it out to claim the Crown Royale. Also Forges can be found in the map that allow crafting of unique Legendary weapons.

“You can’t win a round of Realm Royale by hiding in a bathtub,” Newbrough said. “Gameplay elements like Forges reward players for staying active and taking risks.”

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