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With developer Telltale noting that the reasoning for the delay comes "as the result of a few fundamental changes here at Telltale since we first announced the game last summer". With those fundamental changes referring to the studio shrinking by about 25% late last year and word that internally its switching from its own aging in-house engine to an external one.

The Wolf Among Us compared to other Telltale adventures might be considered a lesser known entity, as its based on Bill Willingham’s award-winning Fables comic book series. Featuring a realistic world where mythical and fairy tale creatures are real.

Telltale Games took to its own blog to make the announcement.

Ultimately our goal is to deliver an experience deserving of the passion you’ve consistently shown for The Wolf Among Us, and these extra months will give us the time we need to do our best work. We’re extremely enthusiastic about how the game is progressing so far, and we can’t wait to dig even deeper.

More news on The Wolf Among Us is expected later in the year.

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