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Post by SeamusMullins @ 09:50am 24/05/18 | 4 Comments
EA and Battlefield series developer DICE have announced that Battlefield V will be set in World War 2, will not have a premium pass or paid expansions and will release in October this year. A lot to take in I know.

Returning to its roots, Battlefield V will take place during the WWII era, after the original Battlefield was first set in the second World War in Battlefield 1942, released back in 2002. Battlefield V will explore the world wide conflict across several theatres, including mainland Europe in the french countryside, the city of Rotterdam in Netherlands, as well in Norway in the Arctic Circle and in the deserts of North Africa.

The single player mode War Stories, will continue on from Battlefield 1 in V and explore new diverse regions and unique untold stories of the soldiers who fought during WWII, including a resistance group in Norway, battling against the Nazi regime and the frosty elements.

In regards to multiplayer, EA are introducing a new live service to the Battlefield series called Tides of War, and in conjunction with the new live service there will be no multiplayer premium pass or paid expansions to Battlefield V.

The big new mode for multiplayer in Battlefield V is Grand Operations, which builds upon the popular Operations mode first introduced in Battlefield 1, which similarly combines several modes and maps over one big match. But importantly, the result of each round or day, has a greater impact on the supplies and respawn reinforcements available to each side at the start of each new day, and also whether the Operation leads to a climactic finale, in which each player may only have one life and it is a last man standing situation. While standard Battlefield modes you’ve come to expect are returning, including the 64-player Conquest, Team Deathmatch and Domination, to fill out the multiplayer roster of modes.

There is also a new co-operative mode called Combined Arms coming to Battlefield V, which allows up to four players to tackle a wide variety of missions together online.

Battlefield V will release on October 19th this year, while the Deluxe Edition will release on the October 16th, and through EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access on PC you’ll be able to play from October 11th.

We’ll have more impressions and specific details about the new modes and changes to gameplay coming to Battlefield V in a upcoming feature, in the meantime though, EA have released a trailer showing off the chaotic and varied moment to moment gameplay of Battlefield V, which you can watch below.

battlefield vrevealeadice

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Posted 10:41am 24/5/18
So Battlefield VI with be Vietnam?
Posted 10:42am 24/5/18
it looks a bit '60s doesn't it?... that being said the new co-op mode sounds like it could be awesome... also, wondering if that footage is running on Xbox One X hardware... if so... wow
Posted 10:44am 25/5/18
That trailer is just horrible to watch.
Posted 11:11am 27/5/18
This trailer had so much random garbage in it, it made Star Wars Phantom Menace look like a coherent masterpiece.
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