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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:25pm 07/05/18 | 0 Comments
DONTNOD Entertainment, the studio behind the excellent Life is Strange, has an entirely different game out next month called Vampyr. A new action-RPG that puts players in the position of deciding exactly what type of neck-biting monster they want to become. Do you feed on everyone, or just those "deserving"?

The latest gameplay trailer can be seen below, and it's looking pretty good in what we assume is a near-final state.

In Vampyr, the greatest source of XP to learn and enhance abilities comes from the blood of London’s citizens, who Dr Jonathan Reid has set out to save from the epidemic sweeping through the city. The question is less “Do I kill?” than “Who do I kill?” Investigating citizens’ lives will allow Reid to decide who is more ‘deserving’ of sacrifice – or he can simply give in to his hunger and treat the mortals as blood bags. Either way, killing certain citizens will have a greater impact on the local ecosystem than others, while simply killing too many may cause an entire district to collapse.

Abilities and progressions is tied directly to blood, so the more chaos you sow the more London beings to fall apart. A fascinating mechanic that we hope has a meaningful impact on the narrative. Vampyr releases June 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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