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Due to "rumors, conjecture and mistruths" Nvidia has decided to pull the plug on its GeForce Partner Program. Recently, rival AMD noted that the program was designed to lock-out the competition as developers and hardware makers had to exclusively align with the GeForce brand. The program or GPP came under fire this year with many pointing to its unfair policies.

Nvidia had previously gone on record to confirm that the program was merely a tool for consumers to educate themselves about the GeForce brand and promise - but has mostly remained silent. And now, with the following statement the GeForce Partner Program is a thing of the past.

A lot has been said recently about our GeForce Partner Program. The rumors, conjecture and mistruths go far beyond its intent. Rather than battling misinformation, we have decided to cancel the program.

GPP had a simple goal – ensuring that gamers know what they are buying and can make a clear choice.

NVIDIA creates cutting-edge technologies for gamers. We have dedicated our lives to it. We do our work at a crazy intense level – investing billions to invent the future and ensure that amazing NVIDIA tech keeps coming. We do this work because we know gamers love it and appreciate it. Gamers want the best GPU tech. GPP was about making sure gamers who want NVIDIA tech get NVIDIA tech.
With GPP, we asked our partners to brand their products in a way that would be crystal clear. The choice of GPU greatly defines a gaming platform. So, the GPU brand should be clearly transparent – no substitute GPUs hidden behind a pile of techno-jargon.

Most partners agreed. They own their brands and GPP didn’t change that. They decide how they want to convey their product promise to gamers. Still, today we are pulling the plug on GPP to avoid any distraction from the super exciting work we’re doing to bring amazing advances to PC gaming.

This is a great time to be a GeForce partner and be part of the fastest growing gaming platform in the world. The GeForce gaming platform is rich with the most advanced technology. And with GeForce Experience, it is “the way it’s meant to be played.”

The only thing missing is an explanation as to what exactly the program was meant to provide. As an example the ASUS ROG line is exclusively tied to GeForce hardware, with AMD cards relegated to off-brand or separate lines like the recently announced AREZ line from ASUS. Many point to the reasons for this being due to the GPP stipulating exclusivity. So the popular ROG line couldn't include a laptop or desktop with an AMD card. Of course this information comes from inside sources, with Nvidia disputing harsh stipulations in its agreements.

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