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In a startling statistic that for many hits far too close to homer, one in four Australians report feeling lonely most or all of the time. Like depression, it is a mental health issue that affects ones physical well-being. Which is why it's great to see the Red Cross teaming up with Legacy Esports to Beat Loneliness.

Which will showcase that esports like any team-based activity brings people together. Simple maths really, people together enjoying each other's company and learning about each other = #beatloneliness. The initiative will see Legacy rename themselves to Loneliness - which really showcases how serious both the issue is and the team is about reaching out to those in need whilst raising awareness.

It's actually quite cool, as anyone who beats team Loneliness ensures that even a loss is a victory. The project is open to anyone, where the Red Cross will supply free Loneliness branded sporting kit.

1. Go to www.beatloneliness.com.au
2. Register your team
3. Change your team name to ‘Loneliness’, and Red Cross will send your entire team free ‘Loneliness’ branded sporting kit.
4. Then every team you come up against in your league will be challenged to beat you, that is to beat ‘Loneliness’.
5. Your participation will help to raise awareness around loneliness and by simply coming together, you’ll be helping to beat it.

Judy Slatyer, CEO at Red Cross says, “The friendships and sense of belonging felt in sporting and gaming communities is what makes this project so special. We want people to know loneliness doesn’t have to be a constant in their life.

“Your team, whether you’re a player or a fan, isn’t just a team, it’s also your support network. We are asking teams to join this campaign and play for a bigger cause this season. We’re widening the playing field and encouraging everyone to help beat loneliness.”

Adam Ferrier, Consumer Psychologist said, “#beatloneliness is a powerful idea as it helps ‘out’ the endemic issue of loneliness. Further, by teaming with Legacy Esports, Red Cross is helping to bust one of the biggest myths around loneliness that gaming culture, and social media in general are a significant cause of loneliness. In fact, often the very opposite is true. Many people claim that esports has been one of the vehicles that have actually helped them connect with others”.

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