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Ubisoft's The Crew was a weird car game but not a weird Ubisoft game. It approached open world racing in the same way that the publisher approached open-world action or adventure. RPG-like progression, activities scattered everywhere, and missions tied to regions. On paper it sounded great, but in execution it was weirdly cold and super serious. With a cinematic story that was offensively bland and generic.

Step in The Crew 2, which looks to do what Watch Dogs 2 did to its franchise by sprucing up the place with plenty of colour, personality, and fun.

It's fast too, and like the original promises a complete digital rendition of the Unites States to drive around. And fly, because as per the following video from IGN it seems you can transform and switch between car, plane, or boat at any time.

Yeah, it's certainly different.

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