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That will also be located in Poland, but in the south-western city of Wrocław. Which when combined with CD PROJEKT RED Warsaw and Cracow forms a Triforce of talent to continue work on the highly anticipated The Witcher 3 follow-up - Cyberpunk 2077. Which promises to be a huge, in-depth, open-world futuristic RPG.

“Aside from their immense technological knowledge and artistic flair, the core team of CD PROJEKT RED Wrocław are just great people.” — says Adam Badowski, Game Director for Cyberpunk 2077 and Head of CD PROJEKT RED. “CD PROJEKT RED is not a typical game developer — we put gamers, creative freedom and quality games above making business. These guys not only share this approach, but, much like the rest of the team, think that this attitude is essential to creating epic video games.”

Now, talking about the team like an already established entity isn't as strange as it sounds because the bulk of CD PROJEKT RED Wrocław comprises of Wrocław-based developer Strange New Things. A studio of veterans with plenty of talent that we assume are no longer working on the mysterious new project teased on its site.

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