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Did you hear the news? That esports will be making an appearance at the Olympic games as a new sport or sport(s) sometime in the future? Well, that's currently the discussion taking place. With AliBaba, the e-commerce giant and Olympic Games sponsor noting that the whole point of the Olympic Games is to promote peace. Which means games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, one of the most popular esports today - won't be eligible for consideration.

In speaking with Bloomberg, Zhang Dazhong, chief executive officer of AliSports said, "For the future development of esports, we will focus more on titles that are actually related to sports, instead of games that focus on violence and slaughter." A sentiment that has been echoes by the IOC in recent times.

As one of the largest companies in the world and perhaps largest third-party supporter of the Olympics and esports, AliBaba taking the non-violent route will no doubt shape the continued discussions taking place. But without violence or action-based conflict then one has to wonder what game might be suitable as an esport at the Olympics. Overwatch maybe? DOTA 2? League of Legends? Probably. If those are deemed too violent then all we could potentially see are digital representations of actual Olympic sports.

In that case, bring on Konami's 8-bit classic Track & Field.

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Yuck. Exports at the Olympics...sounds like just another reason for America to stack up on fake gold medals.
Cheese fest.
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