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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:49pm 13/03/18 | 0 Comments
With the 2 in FreeSync 2 able to support HDR signals over HDMI. What's a Freesync? Well technology that implements variable refresh rates to reduce input lag and screen tearing for Freesync capable displays. The results are smoother in-game visuals where frame-rates look smoother and more natural. Yeah, we used smoother twice in the same sentence. That's how smooth FreeSync is.

Of course you'll need a FreeSync-over-HDMI capable display for the tech, of which there are multiple monitors currently available offering the technology. But not so much on the TV front. In terms of monitor tech, alongside FreeSync 2 support the Xbox One X will also soon be able to output a 1440p image for displays at that resolution.

This was announced as part of the first Inside Xbox broadcast, which you watch above.

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