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With the first match between Blank Blue and Kanga Esports streaming live from 2:00pm AEDT - embedded after the jump. For those that need a reminder Overwatch Contenders is a semi-professional league that will showcase the best local talent, where they'll go up against each other and possibly make it to the Big Leagues. As in the Overwatch League.

The 12 teams for the AU division have also been confirmed as: Alter Ego, Blank Blue, Darksided, JAM Gaming, Kanga Esports, Legacy Esports, Masterminds GC, Moonlight, NOC Predators, Serenity, Sydney Drop Bears, and Tainted Minds.

Watch live video from OverwatchContenders on www.twitch.tv

All Contenders Australia games will be broadcast on twitch.tv/overwatchcontenders. Three match-ups are happening today, for more info and details head here.

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