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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:31pm 09/03/18 | 16 Comments
It's a question that any self-respecting tech geek asks at one point or another. Could I setup my own media network? Okay, so maybe not. Anyway, thanks to our friends at Netgear and Western Digital we were able to take a look at their products and decide just that. Plus, throw in game storage too. Because, well, when you're building a media storage solution. Go big.

Streaming services and cloud storage are currently the two biggest bits of tech when it comes to media and online file storage. Not having to worry about a digital collection stored on a hard drive somewhere and being able to access a vast library of content through various networks is, well, convenient. As is the process of backing up personal non-commercial files and somewhat priceless media. Family photos and what not.

But, we’re not here to talk about that – even though we’ll touch on some of those features of the hardware we’ll be using. Instead, after spending another day looking at our physical movie and TV collection and wondered how difficult it would be to turn that into an interactive media app where the data was all stored locally that we could access from any device - we decided to do just that. And go one step further, what about network storage for games that could be accessed remotely from any PC or laptop on a closed or open network?

Click Here to Read How We Became Our Very Own Netflix and Steam

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 04:38pm 09/3/18
I think you might need to go and seek some professional help K-Man, this s*** is bats*** crazy
Posted 11:04pm 09/3/18
For streaming games from my home PC to wherever, I've found the best combo is Hamachi + Steam In-Home Streaming. Works like a charm.
Posted 09:31am 10/3/18
yeah i do this already. I have synology 1815+ with i5 PC as i need more grunt. I also have 100/40 fibre connection so i have enough upload. only problem really is ping lag.
Posted 03:12pm 10/3/18
NUC + Kodi + the Covenant adddon is all you need for media heaven:)
Posted 03:37pm 10/3/18
it does look like a sales pitch a tech would make trying to find a use for the hardware
Posted 01:29pm 11/3/18
So with this, you could be away from home and access your own media library? or is this just for home use?
Posted 02:03pm 11/3/18
well yeah, web based remote access. for device remote access there's like a one-time payup for the priv :/

Emby does streaming much better and you can use a custom video renderer like madvr
Posted 04:45pm 11/3/18
I use to run Emby but found Plex was better when you have multiple movies streaming at the same time.
Posted 06:07pm 11/3/18
ah ok

i don't serve multiple sessions, the responsiveness of Emby is just quicker than Plex, and the Chromecast link doesn't flake out when pausing and resuming something like plex does, consistently.

plex is probably better for multiple sessions, if you have to think of anyone other than yourself. which really sucks.
Posted 12:13pm 12/3/18
Tried Emby, and yeah it's really good but not as feature packed as Plex... for streaming movies and accessing away from home you need to pay for a Plex sub
Posted 01:23pm 12/3/18
Used both Plex and Emby extensively and found them to be pretty parity feature-wise, but ended up sticking with Emby for one reason - Plex requires you to sign in through its cloud service to use even local LAN stuff and Emby doesn't.

Also, plex and emby are good as media server software, but using Kodi on the client side is imo better than the plex or emby client apps. Kodi has addons that keep its database in sync with either your emby or plex server; works great.
Posted 05:56pm 12/3/18
I have stop using Emby quite a couple of years ago so might go back to it. I bought Plex subscription when it was like $80 for lifetime subscription so is my Emby subscription.
Posted 06:12pm 12/3/18
if you install Emby on FreeBSD so you can use ZFS, it's very good

you can probably also install it on a FreeNAS install for all the config and plugin management etc
Posted 12:29am 13/3/18
never heard of Emby until now but might give it a go. I used Plex for a very brief while but as Dan noted the requirement to log in made me give up on it pretty quick so if this does away with it that is a big plus!
Posted 12:07pm 13/3/18
This is super cool guide. Is there a cheaper option for the router if you just wanted video streaming?
Posted 04:20pm 13/3/18
yeah if you want to do wireless you can get a wifi p2p link with a Mikrotik Wireless Wire

and then if you need more than one eth with Gb routing at either end of it, plug the ww into a hAP ac with 5 GBe, 802.11ac and 2.4 and 5 wifi modes

or a hap ac2 lite which is 100mbit, 2.4 and 5ghz wifi

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