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For those that look at PUBG as the first Battle Royale game, that means you probably forgot about H1Z1 - the original king-of-the-hill last man standing game. That as of now has spent over three years as an Early Access game. Well, that ends today with the full release getting announced. Alongside a new mode.

Called Auto Royale, which seemingly puts everyone in a car with the child locks activated. Currently available to play in Beta.

As for H1Z1, the launch represents a major milestone for the game. With the developer launch post highlighting,

H1Z1 has come a long way since we first released it three years ago. It was a unique project at Daybreak, which started with a small group of developers who were given a mission to “make something fun”. Over time, that mission evolved into one of Steam’s best-selling titles of 2017 and put Battle Royale games on the map. H1Z1 is the fast-paced, competitive battle royale game it is today because of you, our players. And, with 3 Invitationals, 3 Showdowns, 2 Elite Series stops, 1 nationally broadcasted tournament, and a Pro League, you all have also helped to establish a new esports genre.

So, what does launching out of Early Access really mean? The core game has reached a place that we’re really happy with – it’s stable, the combat feels good, and this update includes the final pieces of the puzzle for our version of battle royale. However, launching out of Early Access doesn’t mean that development stops. Far from it. H1Z1 has a bright future ahead and we’ll continue refining the game and adding new features to bring you the best H1Z1 experience possible.

That being said, the Steam page for H1Z1 is now filled with a huge influx of reviews now that it's finally out of Early Access. A lot of which are pretty negative, pointing out that perhaps it has missed the boat - and compared to other Battle Royale titles looks a little dated.

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