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With both titles getting a digital release on March 3. For those that need a refresher the first two Turok games were perfect examples of the first-person shooter genre coming to consoles without, you know, feeling inferior. In a way both games helped solidify the Nintendo 64 as the console of choice for shooter fans, and these remasters from Nightdive Studios remain faithful to the original releases.

With minor improvements made, modern controls added, widescreen support, and a few extra graphical bells and whistles. These remasters for Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil are based on the recent PC releases.

Nightdive Studios, which recently put its System Shock remake on hold, is known for creating great ports of classic titles. And if the PC versions are anything to go by - expect to find the same here. Fingers crossed both have 4K Xbox One X support.

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I am going to Cerebral Bore the s*** out of these
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