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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:09pm 09/02/18 | 10 Comments
And so here we are, with the final part in our countdown of the greatest videogame soundtracks of all time. Perhaps something you were hoping to see made it into the list. Finally! Or missed out. Screw you Kosta! Which is to say that this list is subjective, and as a life-long fan of music in general why not chime in with your alternate top five. I'd love to read about/hear them.

10. Journey

    Platform: PlayStation 3
    Year: 2012
    Composer(s): Austin Wintory

The first videogame soundtrack to be nominated for a Grammy, and it’s not hard to see why. Or more precisely, hear why. Like the title itself, listening to the music created by Austin Wintory for Thatgamecompany’s Journey feels like embarking on a very personal musical journey. Now, music that can transplant the listener to a specific time, place, or even feeling is as old as the art form itself, but what makes the music to indie hit Journey so special is that the instrumentation, solos, and themes reflect the introspective nature of the visuals. Take away the music, or by that token the visuals, and you’re left with one half of a truly transcendent interactive experience.

Click Here to Read the Top 40 Game Soundtracks of All-Time (Part Four)


Latest Comments
Posted 04:22pm 09/2/18
No Star Control 2?
Posted 04:29pm 09/2/18
Metroid Prime! Phendrana Drifts! Excellent choice.

Metroid Prime is my favourite game of all time, in part due to the amazing soundtrack. Great job.
Posted 06:05pm 09/2/18
No Licensed soundtracks in the list? GTA: Vice City and Rock n Roll Racing notably absent.
Posted 10:35pm 09/2/18
Yeah, kept it to original soundtracks. I feel that licensed should be it's own separate list.
Posted 08:56am 11/2/18
Glad to see Journey in there, but surprised Cuphead didn't get a mention!
Posted 01:05pm 11/2/18
Honourable mention The Neverhood.
Posted 01:08pm 11/2/18
Also the Sergio Leone inspired Outlaws soundtrack was great, impossible job to mention them all, great article idea well done.
Posted 01:21pm 11/2/18
needs more witcher 3

Posted 05:49pm 11/2/18
No Command and Conquer or Red Alert. Outrageous.


Anyone got recommendations on some good game OSTs, including the ones listed in the articles?
Posted 07:40pm 11/2/18
The lack of Command & Conquer is a little bit of an oversight, Just Do It Up is catchy as hell.

Tim Follin's work often gets overlooked, probably because most of the games he scored are terrible. Most of what he's made tends to have a heavy prog-rock influence so if you don't like that then it may not be your thing, but his mastery of early sound chips is impressive whatever your taste. The NES sound chip shouldn't be capable of something like this or this.

Even the ZX Spectrum, a machine with a 1bit beeper speaker could manage some impressive stuff in his hands. It's a little hard to listen to with headphones, but compare this to anything else available on the platform and it's like some kind of sorcery.

His 16 bit work was also excellent, but also relatively obscure. Rock & Roll Racing for the SNES was him and contains some of the best guitar sampling I've heard. Plok sounds unlike any other SNES game and the unreleased Sega Mega Drive version of Time Trax has a fairly incredible intro song that does stuff with the Yamaha YM2612 that shouldn't really be possible.

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