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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:17pm 30/01/18 | 17 Comments
Join us as we bring you our countdown of the best videogame soundtracks of all time. From the days of limited sound hardware across consoles and PCs through to the high-fidelity high-storage media of recent times. Starting today we bring you the first batch of great tunes, counting down 40 through to 31.

Including, the first Bonus Track.

Any blockbuster movie released over the last 30 years has done so alongside a suitably epic orchestral, instrumental, or synthesised soundtrack. Without music, the on-screen action would have felt lifeless. And almost completely devoid of propulsion. Today a blockbuster game release can and often will feature a soundtrack as aurally impressive and bombastic as a film of similar ilk. In fact, many games today borrow musical cues quite liberally from many films. But for most of the last 30 years of gaming, something like that just wasn’t possible.

Mainly because when they did decide to “borrow” musical cues, the result was, well, different. During the 1970s and 1980s both consoles and personal computers struggled to recreate plausible sound effects, let alone music. Game music was often tied to specific, and often limited, audio hardware that had to be programmed to recreate music. Instrumentation was rudimentary at best, piano chords often sounded like harmonic beeps, and file-size limitations resulted in musical pieces that didn’t last very long at all. And would often, just loop over and over.

Click Here to Read The Top 40 Game Soundtracks of All-Time (Part One)

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:04pm 30/1/18
I downloaded that Ridge Racer soundtrack, Seems cool.
Posted 03:28pm 30/1/18
Number 1: Nier Automata
Posted 04:00pm 30/1/18
I can't wait to see what gets overlooked.

Posted 04:01pm 30/1/18
Blade... it's awesome :)

oh and khel.. you might be disappointed.... hehe
Posted 05:31pm 30/1/18
Man that Ridge Racer track is some sweet beats!

Here's one of my favs, Airstrike, the end credits song from C&C. Oh the memories!

So many of the original C&C songs are just ace.
Posted 05:45pm 30/1/18
oh and khel.. you might be disappointed
Posted 07:30pm 30/1/18
Deus Ex Hong Kong theme is probably my favourite individual level music of all time. Rainbow Six Rogue Spear had awesome music in the menus. If I were to vote for all time greatest it would have to be MechWarrior 2.
Posted 10:55pm 30/1/18
Awesome. Ive been rockin game soundtracks for a while so a list like this is great reading. Some of my favourites that i listen to regularly include the original unreal tournament score, simcity 4 (simply wonderful), starcraft, diablo II. The sound selection that came with BotW is awesome but there are many more tracks in the game that arent on there. Quake 1 being scored by Trent Reznor is still one of the best even though it is mostly ambient noise but man so fitting for the game and i mean NIN come on. Special mention to sonic rampage for the quake 2 soundtracks also so rockin. Doom 2016 by mick gordon is just amazing. And theres still a place in my heart for the sonic 2 soundtrack from the master system. My first game so many memories. Plenty more ofcourse DKC 1 2&3 majoras mask ocarina the fallouts on and on
Posted 12:42am 31/1/18
Yeah, Doom 2016 soundtrack was amazing. Also, can't talk about Command and Conquer soundtracks without mentioning Red Alert's Hell March, that's a classic
Posted 01:09am 31/1/18
Posted 03:29am 31/1/18
Hong Kong over Unatco fpot!? Love how the original Deus Ex songs were on radios randomly in MD.

So many great soundtracks.

I have to say, I did love just wandering around the landscape in TW3, defo down to the amazing environments but also the ace music.
Posted 03:47am 31/1/18
Totally! That's when the game really takes off and is by far the best area in the game. Just in the middle of a Deus Ex playthrough right now in fact. Amazing how well that game predicted a post major terrorist attack world. Fun fact: I was playing Deus Ex when 9/11 happened. Imagine exiting out, opening your web browser and being confronted with the opening stanzas of that day. F*****g surreal it was.
Posted 07:33am 31/1/18
Also, Morrowind sound track.
Posted 03:09am 02/2/18
I'm also in the middle of a DX: MD play through, although I'll be damned if I can get it to run smoothly! On a GTX 1080 no less :(

The original is a classic and oddly prescient in so many ways, you seen this? Great watch. Skip to 21:00 for his bit on why it's one of the most significant games of all time, still really relevant for our current times.

Posted 08:05am 02/2/18
Yeah I couldn't get that to run smoothly until I had my SLI setup running. MSAA is out of the question and you may want to turn screen space reflections to get decent performance. Mine runs better in DX12 mode so but apparently that varies.

Will watch the video when I get home.
Posted 11:57am 12/2/18
Great list... I'd put Eternal Darkness and Shadowman in there somewhere personally..

So many great games!
Posted 11:58am 12/2/18
Great list... I'd put Eternal Darkness and Shadowman in there somewhere personally..

So many great games!

Oh Dead Space 2!!
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