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That is according to a new report over at Kotaku, which cites multiple sources close to the project stating that the target is now early 2019 for the eventual release of Anthem. Which as per the reveal looks to be a multiplayer persistent shooter in the vein of Destiny. And quite the looker too, with Anthem being one of the most impressive E3 debuts in a long while.

Secondary to this the report also makes the claim that BioWare, which is now comprised of two studios located in Edmonton and Austin, is now for all intents and purposes a singe title developer. With teams still working on maintaining Star Wars The Old Republic and preliminary development on the next Dragon Age, the report notes that the majority of BioWare is now working on Anthem.

After the disappointment that was Mass Effect Andromeda, and EA's own controversy surrounding the release of Star Wars Battlefront II the report also confirms that the pressure and stakes surrounding Anthem are felt internally. And that the perception is that it needs to be good. Great even. Which is a big ask for any project. Even some of the more successful loot-based action titles took time to correct mistakes and become classics. See Warframe and Diablo III.

As Anthem has been in development in one stage or another since 2012, we also learn that issues with the Frostbite engine (which notoriously the Mass Effect Andromeda team had a hard time wrangling) are for the most part in the past. For a lot of fans and industry on-lookers, many were expecting Anthem to miss its proposed 2018 release window. Anthem made our most anticipated 2018 games list, but even we noted that the odds of it being released before December 31, 2018 were slim. So this may not be earth-shattering news. And delays of this nature can and often be a good sign.

But, there's a lot riding on Anthem. For BioWare and EA.


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