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With Wargaming and VRTech announcing the formation of Neurogaming, a new studio to bring the popular online tank battler to the world of Virtual Reality. By all accounts World of Tanks VR will be a separate product, built from the ground up (with assets no doubt from the core game) to take advantage of VR.

It's the sort of project that makes perfect sense for VR, especially because it can leverage off the popularity of World of Tanks.

“With location-based VR, we make the experience more affordable and accessible,” said Slava Makarov, World of Tanks creator and strategic advisor of Neurogaming. “Moreover, unlike any other developer, our biggest aim is to change the experience from one-time involvement to a long-term engaging story with co-op and competitive elements. Working with the Word of Tanks IP and creating an experience for its 180 million community is a massive and exciting opportunity for us.”

Based in Cyprus, Neurogaming will also draw on talent and experience from sutdios from across the globe. In addition to World of Tanks VR the studio is also working on tech for a "VR platform for competitive long-play multiplayer and esports".

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