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Now here's a game that right up until a few minutes ago we had no idea was in the works. Built on a proprietary engine, Conqueror's Blade has been in development for a few years from the relatively unknown Booming Games. Think Mount & Blade. Think For Honor. A dash of Total War. This medieval warfare game is now firmly on our radar.

Still, we're a little fuzzy on how it will all work in the context of a large open or sandbox world. Here's the description.

The PC "world" sandbox medieval warfare game recreates vast medieval civilizations and showcases their legendary weapons and fighting styles in a massive, immersive arena of war in which players command generals and their legions in pursuit of victory.

Strategic players will develop powerful Generals while tactically selecting the most effective Legions for each battle. There are several Generals in the game, each featuring different armaments and fighting styles. Generals may deploy multiple weapons with a unique set of skills that can be acquired and unlocked as players level up. Players' armies consist of Legions that can vary in size from 16 to 40 men. Each Legion features different skills and takes on a unique battlefield formation.

And here's a montage of gameplay. Which definitely showcases the detail gone into the different types of units and fighting styles and Legions. The combat is also fast and fluid which is a plus, if not entirely historically accurate. But with both Eastern and Western units represented (much like in For Honor) the fast-paced nature feels like a plus.

Definitely one to keep an eye on. There's also a Beta scheduled for later this month so head to the official site for more info and sign-up details.

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Posted 01:06pm 17/1/18
The video is confusing and I don't get any sense of anything Total War from it at all. Looks like a pretty standard action title, at least from the video.
Posted 01:33pm 17/1/18
Total War in the sense of scale... and formations....
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