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And a number of improvements across the board. Prior to release for the high profile tennis game from Big Ant Studios, gameplay footage was hard to come by. In that there wasn't any made public. That's changed, and with the Australian Open now in full swing hit the jump to check out AO Tennis in action.

As per the headline the Day One patch includes:

  • Higher Graphical Fidelity on Players
  • Truer ball paths
  • Sliding animations on Clay
  • Improved Degradation on Clay
  • Improved Degradation on Grass
  • Updated Player Roster
  • Improved Blending between Animations
  • Added More animation
  • Improved Ball Physics
  • Tuning of Difficulty

Clearly rushed to coincide with the start of this year's tournament, key features like the career mode is still yet-to-be-seen on the Xbox One version. Plus a number of players yet to be added.

Expect this to be patched and updated quite heavily in the next few weeks. We've only just started playing this on Xbox One X and so far it seems to be a bit lacking with an overall flat presentation. No commentary, minimal audio cues, and sound effects that feel under-cooked. Mechanics-wise it's more simulation than arcade, which is nice, but also a bit glitchy with some strokes resulting in the ball firing off like a rocket and players instantly switching stances.

We'll have a full review for this soon.

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