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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:11pm 09/01/18 | 20 Comments
And in one fell swoop checking off two big ticket items on the VR enthusiast wish-list. That being higher resolution displays for each eye and an option to remove at least some of the ungodly amount of wires required in setting up and playing in VR. Both announcements came at CES 2018, alongside word of updates to HTC Viveport subscription and Vive Video services.

Of course the big announcement comes with the HTC Vive Pro, which will come with dual OLED displays sporting resolutions of 2880 x 1600. Not quite 4K, but a big improvement none the less, representing a 78% increase over the current Vive. Not limited to a resolution bump the Vive Pro also introduces built-in, high-performance headphones, dual microphones with active noise cancellation and dual front-facing cameras. Plus, a redesign to the headset that aims to decrease the weight on the front.

The second big announcement, the Vive Wireless Adaptor is based on Intel’s WiGig technology and will support both the HTC Vive and Vive Pro when it debuts later in the year.

“Wireless VR has been on nearly every VR user’s wishlist since the technology was unveiled,” said Frank Soqui, General Manager Virtual Reality Group at Intel Corporation. “By collaborating with HTC to commercialize Intel’s WiGig technology, we will guarantee that wireless VR meets the most discerning quality bar for home users and business VR customers.”

Very cool.

Also announced, a partnership with streaming service Vimeo for curated VR-specific video content and a revamp to Viveport VR that will see the service introduce immersive room-scale previews.

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Posted 02:17pm 09/1/18
Posted 02:31pm 09/1/18
indeed... updated... misread the press release
Posted 05:58pm 09/1/18
4K wasn't a realistic expectation with this news, because foveated rendering which needs eye tracking to reduce the rendering cost is probably a more expensive manufacturing inclusion than just waiting for the price of high end GPU's to come down to use VR SLI with the next product cycle of these in 2 or 3 years' time

unless this is a HTC headset only thing and they're doing something different than selling them with the Valve tech again, they skipped out on the Tracker 2.0 and those cool looking knuckles controllers
Posted 06:33pm 09/1/18
Is VR really any thing other than a gimmick right now? I saw an announcement from CCP not long ago saying they were selling off the VR division of the company and all VR related titles/IP. Someone brought a Vive into work, the novelty factor was huge, but once I took it off I wasn't really inclined to ever bother looking at it again. Some of the driving simulation stuff looks super cool and I can see it being huge for flight simulators.
Posted 06:38pm 09/1/18
I don't think there's a killer app for it yet. Keen to check this out from a pure tech perspective but also super interested in the Magic Leap & other AR stuff.
Posted 09:49pm 09/1/18
No but it will sure help everything that already runs on it.
Posted 09:56pm 09/1/18
Is VR really any thing other than a gimmick right now?

this is such a commonly sounded out question. if you need it for a confirmational bias to not bother because it's pretty expensive kit even with the PS4 + VR then yeah, it might be. compared to the VR that you might check out in a shopping mall demo it's a lot less gimmicky and actually pretty good fun, maybe the killer app for it like trog says never comes, even with Valve's "3 VR title's are coming" thing similar to "when Half Life 3?" and it's just.....a tech wagon

can confirm the flight simming is pretty good, nearly all of them support VR over the last year now, much better than the driving simming but it varies between them. Project Cars 2 feels a bit too skatey in VR mode and makes me dizzy after much longer than 10mins
Posted 01:51am 10/1/18
VR is de way
Posted 03:57am 10/1/18
another neat thing from CES

i guess if you don't mind Android and only play Dota like trog XD
Posted 07:38am 10/1/18
It's more than a gimmick, I had originally written it off as a gimmick and lumped it in the same category as motion controls, but after trying it myself, there's definitely something real and worthwhile there. But yeah, still feels like there hasn't really been a game/app that really makes it feel like a must have. Vast majority of things are these VR 'experiences' that you can finish in a couple of hours but still often cost as much as a full game.

I guess it's a bit of tricky thing though cos no studio is going to put the time and resources into making a really big game just for VR because the market isn't yet big enough to make it worthwhile, but then the market isn't going to get much bigger without those kinds of games. To their credit, Sony is doing a pretty successful job of pushing PlayStation VR and are supporting it with a lot of games, so while I have no interest in PSVR myself it could be a good thing for VR in general; if there's a big install base for PSVR then it makes it more viable to do those big titles and go multiplatform with them
Posted 11:39pm 10/1/18
MY youngest boy just had his 18th Birthday on 30 December...he didn't go to schoolies as he is not into that type of thing. So we had a big all expenses paid dinner for 12 friends and closest family to celebrate etc (We are a small family.) :)

And, we also gave him $1K cash for finishing yr 12. I said to him, "Whatcha gonna do with that Grand buddy" I asked knowingly, his response?..."Buy a Vive a Vive!"

The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :)
Posted 06:02pm 12/1/18
Higher res and wireless are two nice features for the next gen of VRs.

Now all I need to do is rob a bank to buy a graphics card which can render 2880 x 1600 @ 90Hz smoothly.
Posted 06:47pm 12/1/18
I dont care for the motion control stuff, it feels too limiting in most games i play.
How is VR if you just want to use it as a monitor with KB/mouse, instead of the head/body/hand motion control?
Posted 07:03pm 12/1/18
Eye tracking as standard is still a required feature for game development IMO.
Extra point would go to a inward facing camera to pick up on facial expressions to be transposed onto ingame characters.
Posted 07:17pm 12/1/18
I dont care for the motion control stuff, it feels too limiting in most games i play.
How is VR if you just want to use it as a monitor with KB/mouse, instead of the head/body/hand motion control?

Resolution in-world is poor. There are a couple of applications to do it, looking forward to trying Big Screen in Pro resolution for sure.
Posted 11:12pm 05/3/18
i'm looking forward to getting into it. My friend got one after trying it once for an hour (also put a hole in a mates wall accidently), 5k for a good setup. Only trouble is i've got 2 small kids and i can see them (as well as myself and the missus) getting overly addicted to it. I think the market is getting bigger, and will get bigger still.
Posted 12:13am 08/3/18
Yep. probably jumping into VR this year. I've given it a year to mature a bit and the Pro certainly has my attention. I am also keen to see exactly where the Pimax so called 8k headset goes. *its 4k each eye in fact but that huge FOV apparently is very immersing from those that have tried the latest prototype report. But for now I'm very keen on the Vive Pro.

So keen that tomorrow I am going in for an assessment to see if I am a candidate for IOL Inter Occular Lens replacement surgery. My wife had it done and its simply amazing tech. She now has perfect, 20/20 vision since she had both lenses replaced. Her sister had both eyes done in the last two days and she went shopping today for the first time in 25yrs without having to use any glasses at all. It's real sci fi stuff. Its not the Laser surgery, they actually cut the eye, suck out the original lens and implant a new prescription lens into the front of the eye. Small 'fixing' arms spring out and hold them in place. I do not want to wear VR with glasses and I basically want to ditch using glasses anyway so...this time tomorrow night I'll know if I can and when I will be having the procedure.

Its a bit exxy at about $4K per eye but if you have a family history of glaucoma you can claim it on Medicare and it comes down to about $1K per eye. Both my grandparents and father had the disease so it looks like Ill get the cheaper option thankfully! I report back...keep an eye out! hahahah see what I did there?
Posted 09:16pm 08/3/18
Heh the cost of the surgery is the same as the resolution of the Pimax. It's a sign dude.
Posted 02:04pm 09/3/18

worth it
Posted 02:33am 12/3/18
"Heh the cost of the surgery is the same as the resolution of the Pimax. It's a sign dude."

Oh yeh baby. Had my test and I know this sounds weird, but Lucky me!! I DO have a cataract in my right I get to have the awesome surgery and get it at a great price! I'm in for the 4th and 10th of April to get 'em replaced. And that's great because the wife and I are off to Hawaii for our 35th wedding anniversary on May 5th and the eyes will be all up and running and all I'll need is some cool looking sunnies! NO glasses for me! The sister in law had her eyes done last week and she is loving the difference. No glasses anymore and everything looks pin sharp. I cant wait. For both the eyes, and the VR. It's going to be a good year for a change! schwinng! :)
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