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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:45pm 03/01/18 | 18 Comments
Happy New Year! Kicking off the new year in the world of PCs comes word of a pretty serious design flaw in Intel CPUs that apparently will require key re-designs to operating systems like Windows and Linux. And could lead to a performance hit across Intel CPU-based machines in the realm of 5 - 30%.

That is, according to this report. Which notes, "the flaw is in the Intel x86-64 hardware, and it appears a microcode update can't address it. It has to be fixed in software at the OS level, or go buy a new processor without the design blunder."

Yikes. Apparently AMD CPUs wont be affected, which means the our new gaming rig is safe for now. Due to the issue being directly related to security flaws, full details are scarce but seems to be prevalent across all Intel CPUs produced and manufactured in the last decade. So odds are, the CPU in your PC will be affected.

It's quite the fascinating revelation, so be sure to head here to read all about it.


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Posted 07:47pm 03/1/18
Some postgres performance figures showing up to 23% performance loss.

Bunch more technical info here.

Firefox seems to get smashed by the patch which is bad news for me and the three or four other people still using it.
Posted 08:19pm 03/1/18
Well this sucks.
Posted 08:22pm 03/1/18
when did apple buy intel?
Posted 10:34pm 03/1/18
Linux gaming unaffected so far... hopefully OK news for Windows too
Posted 05:42am 04/1/18
just another reason to abandon that horrible browser. (although i do use it with tor, only coz it comes bundled)
Posted 02:12pm 04/1/18
it's probably something someone found with sandsifter
Posted 04:14pm 04/1/18
Won't this only affect certain functions/tasks, not the overall performance? I'm assuming that you won't suddenly see a 30% performance drop across the board with everything from web browsing to gaming.
Posted 07:36pm 04/1/18
Won't this only affect certain functions/tasks, not the overall performance? I'm assuming that you won't suddenly see a 30% performance drop across the board with everything from web browsing to gaming.
correct, seems totally dependent on your specific workload. But it's still a big deal. If you bought an Intel CPU for Workload X and suddenly your performance drops 30% because of a software update to mitigate a hardware problem, you might have some questions.
Posted 10:18pm 04/1/18
welp, looks like I'm holding over that new cpu purchase this year
Posted 08:11pm 02/2/18
How has this turned out for everyone? Normal desktop performance seems the same to me but my boot times are way longer. Right after I buy an m2 drive for super fast boot times >
Posted 10:08pm 02/2/18
Boot times still amazing (m.2) but for some reason I'm having all sorts of networking issues using on board WIFI and connecting to the cable modem getting dogs*** speeds and then it just drops its lunch. Tethered the phone on 4g with similar results even after resetting the network in windows 10 good for 2 hours then dogs*** again.

Moving tomorrow to a place with only adsl2+ so will be interesting to see what happens.
Posted 06:00am 03/2/18
no issues at all with my old i7
Posted 06:35pm 03/2/18
I have noticed no differences.

i5-4690. My boot times are still super quick, probably on account of SSD.

Posted 08:07pm 03/2/18
Yeah, I haven't really noticed a difference either
Posted 08:08pm 03/2/18
When I say way longer I mean from literally instantaneous to a few seconds of the dotted circle twirling.
Posted 11:02am 04/2/18
The tragedy is real.

How is Subnautica going, managed to get that stuttering sorted?
Posted 03:12pm 04/2/18
Performance still isn't as good as I'd expect but it's better since putting it on the SSD. And yeah it's a really cool game. Love the the water surface colour changes when you go to different biomes.
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