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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:05pm 22/12/17 | 1 Comments
Or, makes it policy for developers with games featuring loot boxes to disclose the drop rates and odds for receiving each item. So yeah, here we are on the tail end of 2017 The Year of the Loot Box - and Apple is now a leader in clearing up all the rampant confusion with loot box economies in games.

So the question now will be exactly how developers respond to this change. For companies like Blizzard, recent moves along these lines in China has resulted in the company no longer selling card packs for Hearthstone. Instead the loophole or workaround is to sell crafting materials to players so they can craft the cards they want. And then simply provide "free packs" after spending a certain amount.

Which is, a little sneaky.

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Posted 08:12pm 22/12/17
Taking a stand against loot boxes would be to ban them. What apple has done is to take the approach that really isn't going to upset anyone. The fight has already raged over EA's loot boxes and Apple is really just metaphorically shuffling its feet and quietly saying not much
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