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The third and final episode in the prequel series Life is Strange: Before the Storm is dropping December 20. With the title 'Hell is Empty', the new episode will wrap up the tale of Chloe and Rachel Amber in what has been a pretty great series so far.

Of course, watch the below trailer if you're okay with spoilers.

“The whole development team at Deck Nine have poured their hearts and souls into this game”, said Jeff Litchford, Vice President at Deck Nine Games. “We’re truly humbled by the amount of love and passion the fans have shown so far. We are now nearly ready to release this last episode and excited to finally help fans shape the conclusion of this amazing story.”

Set three years before the events of the original Life is Strange, players take control of Chloe Price and get to witness her triumphs and struggles as she befriends Rachel Amber. Episode Three launches December 20 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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