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As GWENT marches ever-closer to a full retail release, CD Projekt RED continues to add to the game in its beta form, and have more recently been expanding on the ways in which players can actually play the game. Overnight they've revealed an all new Faction Challenges mode which is exactly as it sounds, faction vs faction as well as detailing that a further 100+ cards are on their way in an upcoming update the team has declared as "the biggest in GWENT's history".

December marks the beginning of Faction Challenges, a new and exciting series of events that puts you, the community, in the center of the action.

Each Faction Challenge lets you select one of two warring factions and march its armies to victory over a week of intense skirmishes. As a reward for total domination, upon the end of the challenge, the faction which won more battles will grant participating players a Premium Card. The losing faction will reward its supporters with 100 Meteorite Powder. Players can track the progress of each challenge in real-time on

December 4th marks the start of the first Challenge — Skellige vs. Northern Realms.

How to receive the reward:
  • Select one of the warring factions
  • Win matches as that faction — your total win count with faction A needs to be greater than with faction B (see example below)
  • If your faction wins the Challenge, you will receive a Premium Card. If it loses, you will receive 100 Meteorite Powder.

You’ll be considered a Skellige supporter if you have more wins with that faction over Northern Realms. If you have more wins as Northern Realms at the Challenge’s conclusion, you’ll be deemed a supporter of Northern Realms. The number of your wins with factions not participating in the challenge will not affect your Faction Challenge allegiance.

Good luck!
I've yet to give this new Faction Challenge a go, but I'm keen to check it out given my A-Deck is Northern Realms. If you have a crack, drop us your feedback in the Comments section below.

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