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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:51pm 30/11/17 | 1 Comments
For those that remember 1999's Outcast you'll recall a brilliant open-world adventure featuring cutting edge visuals that had to make the most out of tech at a time when pushing a lot of on-screen polygons wasn't exactly easy. And now it's back, in POG form! Well, HD-remaster form with a revamped engine and new mechanics.

Plus the return of the wise-cracking protagonist Cutter Slade.

  • An open world inhabited by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization.
  • Total freedom with your missions and actions, which have consequences on the balance of the world.
  • More than 50 hours of gameplay in this heart-pounding adventure.
  • Spectacular fights thanks to an extensive arsenal and futuristic gadgets.
  • Cutter Slade, the hero, is dubbed by the official French dubber for Bruce Willis.

  • Check back next week as we bring you our impressions of Outcast - Second Contact.

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    Posted 01:45pm 02/12/17
    Played but never finished this, old voxel graphics were awesome for their time - if you could run it. Gone a bit over the top with the Duke Nukem attitude for mine.
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