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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:16pm 22/11/17 | 9 Comments
We're in the midst of a sale storm at the moment, with Black Friday coming to Australia in a big way thanks to the border-less nature of online digital sales. And our friends at the home of DRM-free goodness have a number of great deals with over 300 titles discounted, and for the next day or so a free copy of MDK for everyone!

Here are some of our picks - prices in AUD!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition - (60% off) $31.59
Titan Quest: Ragnarök - (25% off) $18.09
Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - (80% off) $5.19
SimCity 2000 Special Edition - (75% off) $1.89
SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition - (75% off) $6.39
Dead Space - (75% off) $7.49
Wasteland 2 Director's Cut - (50% off) $22.49
Project Highrise - (75% off) $6.39
Master of Orion - (66% off) $11.59
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault - (80% off) $2.59
Theme Park - (75% off) $1.89
Magic Carpet Plus - (75% off) $1.89

Plus, so many more. Too many to list in fact - so head on over to to check out all the deals.

Note: AusGamers is a proud partner of and any sales made via the links above go towards supporting the site.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:07pm 22/11/17
Civ IV is $7.5.

Worth it?
Posted 03:36pm 22/11/17
Yep!... might be my fave of the Civs
Posted 07:27pm 22/11/17
S*** yeh, I picked up MDK for free! I loved that game.
Civ IV is $7.5.

Worth it?
seems a bit much considering its age and there's two more Civs since then @#
Posted 07:37pm 22/11/17
I had Theme Park on the Sega Saturn. I played it a lot. I'm gonna get that.

Not much else there in the sale, for me at least.
Posted 11:49am 23/11/17
I can't believe what they charge full price for some of this s***...Sim City 2000 normally $8...should be bloody freeware by now :)
Posted 11:53am 23/11/17
Steam sales on now too
Posted 03:18pm 23/11/17
Civ 6 is 50% off on steam
Posted 07:16pm 23/11/17
S*** yeh, I picked up MDK for free! I loved that game. seems a bit much considering its age and there's two more Civs since then @#

Thanks for point this out because I had no idea 6 was the latest (I thought 4 was...)
Posted 07:18pm 23/11/17
I haven't played Civ 6 but word around the campfire is that Civ 5 with expansion packs is the superior game.
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