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Yeah, plenty of venom in that there headline. Once again, a post-release pay-to-????? model was a planned implementation for the latest Call of Duty, however, in this instance the game is having a handful of online issues that has developer Sledgehammer delaying its launch of the microsotransaction service until later this month.

So it's a take the 'good with the bad' scenario here, because apparently one of the online issues they're looking at revolves around the return of dedicated servers. At this stage, however, these servers are limited and are purely out in the wild for testing purposes (maybe to see if people still use them, which... duh!), and as far as we know only exist in Europe at this stage (we'll reach out for local clarification though, so stay tuned).

The microtransaction side of the game is one of those 'grey' areas because you can earn in-game currency (or "COD Points") to buy loot boxes, but you can also use real-world money if you want to fast track your progress. Is it pay-to-win? We're not sure because it's not live, but it's sounding more and more precarious by the minute. The new pay-for system is set to go live now on November 21.

(Source: Eurogamer.)

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