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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:41pm 03/11/17 | 15 Comments
The expected addition, year-on-year, of Call of Duty has fallen in Sledgehammer's design lap this year and we're all thankful, too. And yes, you can poke at the game going back to WWII roots as 'maybe' a reflection of the success of Battlefield going to WWI, but you'd be doing what Sledgehammer has done here a disservice. This is, by all accounts, a fantastic addition to CoD well worth your time and investment.

Here's an excerpt from our review:
The story follows the A-typical Southern American lad who joins the war effort to naively save the world as a cockeyed American Patriot. During his tumultuous journey, he finds a group of friends and quickly forms a relationship that stands the test of time… or “blah, blah, blah, we’ve been here before”, as I was beginning to think. However, the source material explodes like a grenade of emotional realism in the face of a campaign that bucks videogame tropes in favour of a narrative befitting the actual sacrifice and gravity of World War II. It could easily have been as Jerry Bruckheimer as previous entries in the series, but as we now know with Sledgehammer and their previous work, even before Call of Duty (Dead Space, for example), these master storytellers understand pacing and narrative impact, and it absolutely shines here. And with the help of Martin Morgan, one of the foremost World War II historians who consulted, the game gives you a real sense of historical accuracy. A band of Brothers experience in a videogame.

And move into the mainstay in multiplayer.

This, honestly, is my jam. There’s nothing better than finishing a day at work or school, sitting on the couch and firing up some online multiplayer. Yep, I might be a console nub, but let’s be honest -- Call of Duty is couch multiplayer. And there’s nothing wrong with that, and this time around Sledgehammer has introduced a few context-sensitive changes to the formula to better reflect the genre and field in which they’re playing. And that was just a pun, which you’ll learn more about shortly, but let’s kick it off (did it again) with the biggest addition to this year’s Call of Duty entry...
Click here for our full Call of Duty: WWII review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:08pm 03/11/17
90gb I don't have enough room on my SSD, so f*** it.
Posted 02:41am 04/11/17
How many players in a match? 6v6? 8v8? I'm not too keen in small number player matches/maps.
Posted 11:06am 04/11/17
Such a small paragraph for the single player. Why?
Posted 04:16pm 05/11/17
Yeah, no thanks, f*** Activision and their manipulative lootbox bulls***.
Posted 07:45pm 05/11/17
Yeah, no thanks, f*** Activision and their manipulative lootbox bulls***.

That is f*****g insane criminality imo. I thought subliminal/manipulative advertising was banned?
Posted 10:17pm 05/11/17
Yeah, no thanks, f*** Activision and their manipulative lootbox bulls***.
ahah that is amazing. Behavioural economics has been weaponised to ruthlessly extract money from gamers.
Posted 03:12am 06/11/17
F*** activision and their microtransactions

TBh poor review. I pirate the s*** out of it and uninstalled within 10 minutes.
The guns feel like cap guns, weapon animations are a f*****g atrocity and movement feels like you are on speed boost the whole time.
GFX are nice but nothing on BF1.
Posted 08:35am 06/11/17
Such a small paragraph for the single player. Why?

single player - lol
Posted 04:20pm 06/11/17
Beta felt so poor, un-installed it after a solid weekend of giving it a fair go. The action is mindless, literally just spawn, kill, die, spawn, kill die etc. Shame, was hoping to have fun with it.
Posted 04:41pm 06/11/17
I mean, its a hard no for me when this is a thing in the game and you even get an achievement for watching someone do it:

Posted 02:18am 07/11/17
Never liked shooters on rails anyway...'Hell let Loose' is my hope for a decent WW2 shooter...
Posted 10:05am 07/11/17
ahah that is amazing. Behavioural economics has been weaponised to ruthlessly extract money from gamers.

Yeah ethics aside I can't help but be impressed. What amazes me is that a process like this can actually be patented. How ridiculous.
Posted 02:55pm 07/11/17
How can you give this absolute pile of crap 9/10? It's riddled with bugs, the maps are s***, the single player is a giant garbage cutscene with cringe worthy cowboys, what's with the building a wall with a floating hammer in 20 seconds like it's minecraft - what the hell do you mean 9/10? This is the opposite of a return to its roots.
Posted 10:09pm 07/11/17
6v6 is pretty poor. Add to that the laser/recoiless weaponry and you have the COD AW+ standard gameplay, but that makes it all look like a bit of a WW2 reskin of the faster paced COD games of recent years rather than a return to classic COD.
Agreed that War look great though.
Posted 11:18pm 07/11/17
I've played a few rounds now.

Things I like:
World War 2 setting
Visuals are alright
Sound is alright.
The War Mode is alright. That is pretty much what I have been playing.

What I did not like:
6v6 only, 24-32 players would be nice.
No dedicated servers, does not really need it when you have 6v6.
small maps
The Social part seems like a waste of time

That is all I can think of for now. Like a lot of things, it has potential but misses the mark. That is just my thought, perhaps young kids today will think its cool. At least we have a couple of WW2 fps games that are coming out from small developers that we can play.
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