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In my interview with game director Jen Matthies, he spoke about how the team envisioned the Wolfenstein reboot as a trilogy. Which happened before the success of the first game, noting that "we introduced Frau Engel in the hopes that we got to do the second game, and she would be the main antagonist". And now with a Hitler cameo in the launch trailer... well, you get the idea.

In our discussion we also talked about Mecha Hitler as the final boss in the original Wolfenstein 3D from 1992, with Jens telling me that "once you start bringing Hitler into the picture, there's no way to go from there, if that makes sense".

So we know that as a studio Machine Games is all about foreshadowing and planning out a strong narrative. Which means it's fairly reasonable to expect that Wolfenstein II will in some way include a nod to the final battle, so to speak, between good and fascist.

Here's where it gets a little conspiracy-theory, but the reasoning is sound. Machine Games introduced Frau in the first game before she became the main villain in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. In the launch trailer above we get a glimpse at Hitler, older and more frail and out of focus as he approaches a group of loyal fascist lap dogs. And so, if we assume Hitler will be the final boss or end point for B.J. and the freedom fighter's struggle, then a frail old piece of shit Nazi cameo makes sense as foreshadowing. And becuase an unarmed Hitler would be easy to dispatch of, this can only mean one thing - the return of Mecha Hitler!

Because well, the series has been pushing the Nazi tech angle further and further with each entry. So yeah, case closed.

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