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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:21pm 16/10/17 | 1 Comments
According to the latest SteamCharts numbers, Boss Key Production's LawBreakers isn't faring too well when it comes to people actually, you know, playing the game. In the last 24-hours the peak player count was 105. For an online shooter that's not good. Review-wise LawBreakers was well received, so what went wrong? In a new interview over at Gamespot, Boss Key head honcho Cliff Bleszinski opens up about the state of the game.

In the sort of restrained manner that kind of proves he's moved away from the larger-than-life "Cliffy B" persona.

On the state of the game.

"Well, I think we made a darn good shooter. And the elephant in the room is our fledgling CCU, which we totally understand. We remain committed to the project and those that we have who are our fans are dedicated and we're engaging with them constantly and they're doing fun things like grassroots tournaments that they're organizing themselves. But we made a skill-based shooter that people who actually play it love and continuing to double down on marketing and awareness of it and committing to the product, is something that we're very much intent on."

On still holding out hope that things will turnaround in a similar fashion to Warframe.

"On PC, there's this immediately wanting to declare something a success or a bomb by this kind of internet culture that loves to just observe things.
And it's like, "Well guys, the small bit that we have, we're gonna continue to iterate with and engage." And as we issue content drops, maybe there's gonna be sales or a potential free weekend somewhere down the line. You know, continue to fluff that CCU up and I continue to go back to games like Warframe, that slowly built their very small audience as a bunch of dedicated fan and then, continued to fluff it up. And you watch the graph of the CCU and it's so low, so low, and then eventually, over the course of a year, year and a half, two years, it became this phenomenon that a lot of people weren't even talking about it."

On the tone of the marketing, and it's aggressive '90s attitude. Seen in the video below.

"Here's the thing; I really like and enjoy the characters we shipped in the game because I wanted to go in the opposite of the kind of style that's really popular right now. And is it a little bit retro? Sure, it's a little bit '90s. Maybe it's that my love of the whole '90s Spawn archetype's coming through. Who knows if that's the case? But, the thing is, is we're not gonna beat some of those other games in regards to their crazy, 400 Pixar animators creating these amazing five minute shorts."

It's a fascinating interview, representing a far more humble developer than the one who was cheekily bad mouthing big franchise shooters prior to its release. Check it out here.

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Posted 01:52pm 17/10/17
Maybe ppl were just turned off because it looks similar to other games...CODAW, Bulletstorm, Quake etc. And ppl don't want another half-original game.
Honestly, there isn't much in the game that looks really new.
And having a bunch of Pr0 gamers say it is great and really hard is never going to sell a game to the masses who can barely handle deep concepts such as teamwork.
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