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In the world of competitive esports, Formula 1 racing takes the seating and controller arrangements to the next level with customer racing chairs, steering wheel peripherals, and of course pedals. The first-ever Formula 1 Esports Series Finals will take place in Abu Dhabi on November 24 and 25, forming part of the 2017 FORMULA 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

With twenty F1 esports drivers competing for the crown. Here are a few images from the semi-finals held at London’s Gfinity Esports Arena.

In Abu Dhabi next month, after the three-race event concluded, the first Formula 1 Esports Series Champion will be crowned. Onn the same weekend as the final 2017 Formula 1 Grand Prix too. The winner will be the Formula 1 Esports Champion Expert for 2018, automatically qualify for the semi-finals next year, and also become a character in the F1 2018 game.
F1 2017 is available now.

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Posted 06:27pm 13/10/17
Laugh if someone just wants to use their PS4 controller.
Posted 09:24pm 13/10/17
I absolutely insist that a wheel is not the most efficient control mechanism for driving games - a stick is. You get wayyyyy more precise control over input.
Posted 09:29pm 13/10/17
Depends on the wheel and the game.
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