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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:35am 13/10/17 | 1 Comments
Sony has released a new trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, the expansion to the 2017 PlayStation 4 exclusive set to launch on November 7. Set in the icy territories of the north, players will get a new area to explore and a new mystery to solve. Plus, a few more robo-dinosaurs to hunt.

The Frozen Wilds is an expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn that takes place in the Cut, a boreal wasteland to the north that separates the Banuk homelands from the rest of the world.

It is a place where all but the most skilled hunters dare venture, and those that do must survive against dangerous new machines and freezing temperatures.

If it's anything like the core game than Horzon Zero Dawn fans are ion for treat.

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:26pm 13/10/17
The game has always impressed visually, but unless they broach the lack of content, or interaction, from a player-level, it's always going to be the pretty game that diudn't fully deliver
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