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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:16pm 28/09/17 | 2 Comments
With players being able to opt-in to the Steam Beta right now. Survival mode you say? Like the very cool one Bethesda put into Fallout 4? Yep. Hunger, cold, the dangers of freezing water, no fast travel, disease, and afflictions.

Although the sheer number of ways in which Skyrim has kept coming back, including a Nintendo Switch very soon, this does sound cool. And harsh too. The Survival Mode in Fallout 4 was an intense way to play the game, and this looks no different.

Which also includes a new map showcasing the new temperate regions - with large slices of the map including freezing locations.

The higher your warmth rating, the more slowly you will feel the effects of cold environments. Most clothing and armor provide warmth, displayed on the item's description. Some armor is exceptionally warm, while others are ill-suited to protect their wearer from harsh climates. You can also temporarily increase your warmth rating by eating hot soup or holding a torch.

Freezing Water
Taking a swim in an ice-cold river can make for a quick death. If you swim in a freezing area, you will immediately become colder and begin taking health damage. Exit the water as soon as possible in order to begin warming up and stop the loss of health. Using a Flame Cloak spell or the Dunmer Ancestor's Wrath ability can make you temporarily immune to the effects of freezing water.

Plus more here.

Of course there have been Survival style mods for the game for years, but this complete overhaul from Bethesda is more than welcome. And I guess, Skyrim play-through numero 4 is in order.

Survival Mode for Skyrim is due for release next month on PC, PS4, and Xbox One as part of the Skyrim Creation Club. So yeah, not free.

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Posted 02:57pm 28/9/17
That might be enough to make me fire it up again, will definitely change the way you play the game.
Posted 03:06pm 28/9/17
no thanks. i don't want to download the creation club each time i boot up steam.
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