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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:22pm 26/09/17 | 6 Comments
Yeah, we've been looking at USD prices on Steam for so long that our brains have reserved precious grey matter for automatically calculating the local price taking current rates into account. Sometimes successfully too! Well, it looks like those days will soon be over as the developers of the indie title War for the Overworld have posted an update relating to regional pricing for their game.

What's that got to do with Australian pricing on Steam? Well, read on!
The following local currencies are now supported by Steam, and as such these regions have new prices in line with the pricing matrix. As above we have submitted the changes to allow these currencies and expect them to be approved in the coming days and weeks. The actual time will depend on Steam of course.

Edit: These changes have been approved by valve now and should be live. However we can not confirm this and if you do not see your currency it is likely that Valve has not officially launched them yet and may be waiting for more developers. If that's the case there's no timescale for the launch but we'd certainly expect them this year, probably in the coming weeks.

Vietnamese Dong
Ukrainian Hryvnia

Australian Dollar

Polish Zloty
Argentine Peso
Israeli New Shekel
Kazakhstani Tenge
Kuwaiti Dinar
Qatari Rial
Costa Rican Colon
Uruguayan Peso

So now we wait until we see the glorious Australian Dollarydoo!

Also, the Costa Rican Colon sounds like a very weird night out.

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:31pm 26/9/17
Good news, but I'll believe it when I see it.
Posted 06:17pm 26/9/17
im expecting the usual straya tax on top of a conversion :/
Posted 06:23pm 26/9/17
i hope my wallet gets converted correctly. i will be pissed if my $50USD becomes $50AUD.
Posted 06:45pm 26/9/17
I'd be very surprised if they convert existing amounts for that reason; I'd like to think they allow you to keep multiple currencies, or at least give you the option if you want to accept the conversion.

Also worth bearing in mind that this is just a comment from a random indie developer & not an official position from Steam. This is a pretty big policy/financial position shift.
Posted 07:33pm 26/9/17
hahahah ppl think this will be good news. I doubt it.
They did the conversion for NZ and all they did was make the prices outright more expensive than the converted USD price.
Posted 10:39pm 26/9/17
They did the conversion for NZ and all they did was make the prices outright more expensive than the converted USD price.
This is my expectation. Current pricing + 5%.
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