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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 05:20pm 25/09/17 | 12 Comments
Open ear headphones often result in those closest to you also hearing what's going on. And that's close in the proximity sense. A small price to pay when the open design often leads to more comfortable headphones. Plus, the laws of physics dictate that the increased air flow improves bass response. The ATH-ADG1X gaming headset from Audio Technica are not only comfortable to wear, but they also provide exceptional gaming performance.

Audiophiles know the name Audio Technica. And for good reason too. Solid build quality, great reliable parts, and a warm sound that is perfect for listening to music. The Audio Technica ATH-ADG1X is a premium headset from the headphone maker designed specifically for gaming, built from the same quality parts found in their straight audio line. With its open ear design the ATH-ADG1X headset provides the same level of comfort that one comes to expect from Audio Technica, but with a sound that is fine-tuned to make the most out of games. This means a distinctly more impressive low end to match the crisp and detailed highs.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:08pm 25/9/17
Are they going to boil my head if i get them and it's summer in australia?
Posted 07:27pm 25/9/17
Spock, no they won't.
Posted 07:58pm 25/9/17
If it's open, wouldn't what's coming out of your headphones broadcast over the mic?
Posted 08:46pm 25/9/17
Khel, no.
Posted 11:00pm 25/9/17
That's a no... had no issues with the mic nor should you with a decent noise cancelling mic
Posted 06:36am 26/9/17
If it's open, wouldn't what's coming out of your headphones broadcast over the mic?


I have a pair and so does a mate, and if you've got the volume cranked and the mic sensitivity (too) high you can get some noise come through.

One thing I used to hear all the time was my mate taking shots in Battlegrounds - occasionally you'd hear yourself echo back too. We tweaked our settings (mostly in Discord) and it's perfect now.

I got mine for $260 from this mob https://www.storedj.com.au/ when they had them on special and to be honest wouldn't pay much more for them. They're great, and I love them, but they're not that much of a leap over my old setup which was re-purposed set of ATH-M50x with a mod mic. I thought the open back design was going to be game changing, but I personally noticed little difference. I'm far from an audiophile though, so YMMV.
Posted 10:53am 26/9/17
You gotta tweaking a 300+ dollar headset... damn that sounds laughable
Posted 11:05am 26/9/17
If tweaking the sensitivity of your microphone worries you, you can always get the ATH-AG1X which is the closed back version.
Posted 09:39pm 26/9/17
Never had tweak my headset, never had any issues.
Posted 11:12am 27/9/17
Just to clarify, the tweaking is just microphone sensitivity. If I don't tweak that I get all the sounds of me clicking the mouse / typing / people talking in the other room /fan if it's on.

Once I turn it down below picking up those noises (be it in Windows, soundcard, or application settings) it won't pick up the headphone sounds.
Posted 09:47pm 27/9/17
That's like any microphone isn't it?
Posted 07:54am 28/9/17
yup - but if you're one of those people that don't adjust it so that everyone can hear everything you're doing, your mic is going to pick up sound from the headphones.
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