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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:24pm 22/09/17 | 10 Comments
With Creative Assembly about to drop Total War: Warhammer II next week, we've got the official word on the post-release content coming to the game. Now, this has become standard for a lot of high profile releases of late but in the case to Total War: Warhammer the Mortal Empires update sounds incredible.

Because for owners of both Total War: Warhammer I and II a free third grand campaign map combining both the Old World and the New World is coming. Not only will it effectively double the amount of territory, but also the number of playable factions.

We've long spoken about our end-goal for the Total War: Warhammer trilogy: to realise the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world in the most complete and detailed way as possible. All those races from 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles with army books, each with their own starting positions, all playable in the kind of holistic, mega-sandbox of Warhammer joy nobody has ever attempted before.

We also said we'd do this in three stages: part one would cover the geographical area of the Old World. Parts two and three would explore other geographical areas and races. Shortly after Warhammer II launches, owners of both parts one and two will get to play a key part of that grand vision with our first FreeLC download: Total War: WARHAMMER – Mortal Empires.

Which means that we can expect to find the same thing with the eventual release of Total War: Warhammer III. After experiencing the new races and the new campaign, another even bigger update will combine all three campaign maps.

For more on Total War: Warhammer II check out our recent interview with Creative Assembly.

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Latest Comments
Tanaka Khan
Posted 08:49pm 22/9/17
I read this the other day, I believe it's like 130+ playable factions in the Mortal Empires campaign
Posted 09:54pm 22/9/17
It will cost almost $250 AUD to purchase both games plus all DLC on Steam.

As much as a fantasy Total War appeals to me, I just can't feel comfortable supporting business practices like that. Games Workshop and SEGA - two money grabbers.... what a perfect match.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 05:37pm 23/9/17
True it will cost you $250 buying everything now, but TW1 was released well over a year ago, with the DLC's scattered through the following 16 months. Think of it like buying your cup of coffee in the morning, you're only looking at the $3.50 a day, not the $900 you spend the whole year.

Besides, I'm currently at 700 hours playing TW1, so I think I've gotten my monies worth.
Posted 06:55pm 23/9/17
Yeah, I see it more like them rewarding loyal fans who have picked up both games, I doubt they're expecting new players to buy everything at once. If you're new just buy the second one by itself when it comes out, or wait and pick up the first one cheap in a steam sale (that's what I did and quickly found out I'm still really, really bad at total war).

Everyone always complains when a company brings out a sequel and makes the previous game redundant, and now we're complaining when a Dev makes an effort to keep the previous game relevant alongside the sequel. Damned if you do, damned if you don't!
Posted 08:26pm 23/9/17
well that's one way to look at it jmw... i think it's more like the starcraft 2 model... each game in the trilogy will focus on a new region and introduce new races etc.... and after it's all said and done it'll offer a massive connected version to play in.... tanaka i've clocked in well over 100 hours in part 1 and really it's the fact that i have to play other games that that number isnt a lot higher... and without DLC packs there's a tonne of content...
Tanaka Khan
Posted 10:31pm 23/9/17
and now we're complaining when a Dev makes an effort to keep the previous game relevant alongside the sequel.

I honestly can't recall another game allowing you to do this, except a few that allow the transfer of characters from one game to another, but not on this scale.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 10:35pm 23/9/17
I am currently engaged in a discussion on the Steam forums about TW1 & 2 and the fact when you add the cost up, it's so expensive. Some people are of the opinion that TW2 isn't a sequel of TW1 but just half the game that was left out when TW1 was released. Others believe owning TW1 should entitle them to being given TW2 for free.

But as I said in my previous post, $250 for almost 700 hours of game play is well worth it. I just wish I got that much game play out of most of my games.
Posted 11:55pm 23/9/17
Can't wait for this but im a TW and Warhammer fanboi. Is it value for money? tbh im not in a good place to judge ><
Posted 08:36pm 24/9/17
They could have made it an actual expansion pack, or released an 'ultimate edition' of the original title at a discounted price, which would also serve as pretty good marketing for the sequel. Probably not as profitable at the end of the day, but it would have actually fostered some goodwill in the community.

I'm not criticising the game itself - I'm sure Creative Assembly have put a lot of hard work and passion into it. I also understand that games are a business and they every right to make a profit. It's just the business model which Sega has been pushing is so insulting.

I still remember the outrage when they announced that the Chaos faction would be a pre-order bonus or day one DLC.

Then came the 'blood effects' DLC, the EXACT same trick they had pulled for Rome II previously. So for $2.99 USD you can get blood effects for Warhammer, which is supposed to be pretty gory and violent already. I understand that the blood effects are not included in the base game in order to avoid a higher ESRB rating. But why not make the blood effects a free optional download in that case?

I'll be curious to see what happens when they announce the inevitable third title in the series with the remaining factions.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 11:42am 25/9/17
The third title is supposed to be based on the 4 chaos factions.
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